Natural, Durable & Protective Coatings

Need new roofing, flooring or pipe insulation? Duraganic offers a wide range of coatings.
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Duraganic’s flooring technology is a zero VOC, monolithic coating, with great abrasion and chemical resistance. The product bonds to virtually all substrates and offers a fast return to service time. It’s durable properties make it a great flooring system for everything from warehouses to labs to garage floors!
If it can corrode, leak, or crack, it will. That’s why waste water plants and irrigators turn to Duraganic, a natural coating that’s a safe alternative to epoxies and polyureas. Duraganic offers excellent stability in chemical resistant and immersion applications. Duraganic’s proprietary technology gives a flexible product that will protect your assets for years.
Primary and Secondary Containment
When it comes to protecting equipment to reduce expensive repair or replacement costs, Duraganic is the coating to ensure your resources are protected. Duraganic can be applied in extreme, cold environments and has excellent chemical resistance.


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Duraganic has 100% adhesion and 120% elongation, which equals longevity.
In other words, if your concrete moves, our coating will flex with it and won’t release.


Who doesn’t want to use their new garage floor as quickly as possible? Our products offer fast cure times (within the hour) and depending on the application are walkable within a few hours – one of the speediest curing coatings on the planet.


Ever worked with a stingy smelling epoxy or polyurea material? Duraganic doesn’t fume off any VOCs and thus offers safe preparation and working conditions. Our material has a wholesome, pleasant scent.